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Welcome to UPslope Productions. We are a team of highly motivated image makers & story tellers, total nature lovers, adventure seekers and outdoor dwellers.

Hello !!

Ashish Sharma. Photographer. Director. Nature Lover. 

Co-founder at Upslope Productions. Calls Himalayas as his first home and Jaipur as second. Mechanical Engineer who stumbled upon photography. Firmly believes in power of ONE. Finds his inner voice with nature. Organised but doesn't follow rules. Deeply fond of "Indian Chai", dreams of having a chai shop one day in himalayas and eternally be in peace. Loves the view & air at 6200 mts. Cycled Manali-Leh twice to boost his RBC count. Got exhibited twice in NAT-GEO exhibits. Among TOP 20 in NAT-GEO moment awards. 

Aditya Puri. Photographer. Film-maker. Climber. 

Co-founder at Upslope Productions. Eternal optimist. Believes that a sharp axe is better than brutalizing a tree with a dull edge. Does not support destructive deforestation in any way. Likes new Ideas. Gets fresh Ideas. Spiritually sound. Loves the outdoors. Left-handed. Left-footed. Management Graduate. Trained as a mountaineer. Then a photographer. Climbed the last 6111 m peak alpine style, the first summit of 2014 of Yunam peak. Rode over saaj pass even before the snow cleared. Music playlist is a cross-section of everything in no specific order. 

Our Clients

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